Leadership Team

Joseph Azmeh - Headmaster/Secondary Principal

Mr. Joseph Azmeh has been a professional educator for 25 years and has had the unique experience of being a student, a teacher, a counselor, a school parent, and a school leader all in international school settings. After serving thirteen years at the American Nicaraguan School, Mr. Azmeh became the Headmaster and Secondary Principal of TEDA International School, a position he held from 2009-2014. Now, Mr. Azmeh returns to TGA and is excited about helping TGA strengthen its position as the only college preparatory school in Tianjin offering the Advanced Placement program.

Yvonne Williamson - Primary Principal

Ms. Williamson joined TEDA in 2005 as an English language teacher. Previously she worked as public school math and home economics teacher and a private piano teacher. Originally from Australia, she holds a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics, a Certificate of International School Leadership, and is currently enrolled in a Masters of Education in Professional Research program. She has three children, one of whom graduated from TEDA in 2011, and three grandchildren who reside in Australia.

Lyn Yuthiwattana - Pre-Kindergarten Coordinator

Ms. Lyn Yuthiwattana worked as a leader and translator in the international early years/pre-school community in Thailand since 1992, before joining TGA in August 2013 as a pre-school teacher. In 2017 she took on the role of Pre-Kindergarten Coordinator. Originally from South Africa, Ms. Lyn holds a BA (Hons) in English and a PGCEi from Nottingham University, as well as Early Childhood certification. Ms. Lyn has two adult children who are both products of international education. Her son resides in Thailand and her daughter is a senior here at TGA.

Cicily Coney - Professional Development Coordinator

Ms. Coney joined TGA in 2016 as an English Language Arts instructor. She is a 15-year veteran teacher educated and trained in the US. Believing that learning is life-long, Ms. Coney has endorsements in Reading and ESOL. During her tenure, she has taught students from 4th grade to 12th grade. She is a frequent professional development presenter, a curriculum writer, and a teacher mentor. An advocate for active learning, she is dedicated to equity, closing the achievement gap, celebrating diversity, and promoting literacy across the curriculum. She is a passionate, student-centered educator continually seeking to improve learning and school culture.

Shen Jie - Human Resources Manager and Foreign Affairs Officer

Ms. Shen has two undergraduate degrees, one in Chinese language and another in Human Resources Management. She is also a certified Positive Discipline trainer and certified national counseling psychologist. She has five years of teaching experience and has been in her current role for eight years. She now oversees the the Admissions and Marketing Department, Human Resources, and is our government liaison.

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